Why an iPhone is Always Better

The  iPhone

An iPhone is Always Better
These Days in the market we have seen many new releases/announcements of some finest Smartphones like Apple (iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus), Samsung (Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge), LG (G5, HTC ( One M9) Sony Xperia Z5, Gionee (M8) and many other phones.
There is a debate going on and on for witch is best or have Great feathers, Each company lunch of a phone with new innovations but a debate that overcome to the social network about who has the User-Friendly options phone Like Advance Operating system Windows, Android or iOS, and witch one is upgradable in further...
Here is my circle everyone has a different opinion regarding their own Smart Phone. But I just believe that an iPhone is better than an Android phone, and I'll state my reasons why. But before say something I want to explain this I am currently using both type phone Android and iOS.
Before a good fan heckles my views I want to declare that I don’t want to be hurt you anyway these all are my own point of view.
May These Point help you to find out final choice to buy finest or making the Investment?

. Brand

No Doubt all phone manufacture or developers are reputed brands and their own standards. But while we look in the market there are different criteria’s like Price Group, User Functions, Camera Quality, Operation Speed, RAM, Display Quality, Service Centers Availability, User-Friendly Applications, Connectivity with each other’s Systems.
 I currently have Android phone, I have a Windows-based Laptop at both work and home, In my friend circle they have their own a Macbook Pro, a Windows laptop, and I have an iPad also. I prefer to stick together when these come to all the operating systems and Great devices out there, and I use whatever instrument fits my needs as everyone should.
 Now I want to explain why an iPhone is better

. Upgraded Software

As we all know very well that all operating software company upgrading their software every year but mostly not support in an old device, Apple also launching his new upgrade iOS10 on September 13, 2016. Android has already lunch his Naught August 22, 2016, but still, as on date, it is in only one phone model LG V20. Windows 10 also in the market (Lumia 950 Dual SIM, Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM, Lumia 650 Dual SIM) but since long no upgraded new versions.
But most common question arrives that will all support each other’s directly for data sharing without internet while some friends sit together and sharing their music, photos and videos contacts witch they don’t want to share throw social media, etc…
 You can quickly and essay sync devices Data like Music, photos, videos to all of your devices (Mac Book Laptop iPhone Mobile, iPod, iPad, answer a phone call on your iPad or Mac and send text messages from your other devices.
May some apps come for data sharing Support every device like Shareit, Xender Etc…
 . Camera
iPhone camera has nifty features to take capture  Great Movements Like time-lapse and shoots slow-motion.
iPhone camera comes with retina flash, with this entire front display becomes 3X brighter and deliver the true tone picture and iPhone 6S provides the finest capability to take 4K motion videos also.
Plus, the iPhone has rumored that the next model of iPhone camera will rivals DSLRs too.
Although windows phones and android phones also have good Cameras in some Models no doubt like Lumia 950, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia Z5, Etc..

. Design

iphone7However every new Smartphone have his unique design and gorgeous look With a few detractions, there aren't many finest looking Android phones out there. Many are just identical to others.
The iPhone systematically has had an improved style than android phones.

. Apps Features  

Android has more Apps then iOS with Widgets Apps, Customization main home screens, custom clock, Multitasking
With Android widgets on home screens, I can put my favorite things Like messages, alarms, Notification Center and much more.
 . Conclusion
Overall after my enjoyable experience, I would like to say that the iPhone is a Finest Mobile phone, the phone runs smoothly, operating system iOS is user-friendly to navigate, the camera is top-notch and I recommend it to almost everyone.
But in the end, I can’t be sticking with the iPhone. I love Google and Microsoft. I have Great Experience with Android and Windows Since long. I'm very happy with my Android device and I also like that I can make my device looker better with custom launchers, home screens, icons, and widgets.
At least, all above are my own opinions. Let's see what Google and Apple have new for us.
You can buy one that fits you and make you happy.

Here you all are welcome to suggest me for improvement in my writing.

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